Hemp Spinning Fiber

Hemp Spinning Fiber
4 ounce ball - $24.95

This is the best quality hemp fiber on the planet and is available in a very limited supply. So, get some now before it's all gone.

This hemp fiber is absolutely dreamy for handspinning. Creamy in feel and in color, this is fiber that was actually grown in India (before the ban imposed by our late president Reagan in 1984, which still stands - there is no more hemp being grown in India.) Pulled stalks were trucked overland to China where it was retted by their special secret enzyme retting process. It was then schutched and hackled, combed and formed into this easy to pull from roving.

As a handspinner you will immediately fall in love with this fiber! It contains almost no coarse fibers and has a beautiful soft luster. Because of this luster it looks beautiful in natural and also easily dyes rich colors. Standard natural dye recipes work well with this hemp, using proportions as for silk (mordant as for wool, then double the dyestuff).

I hope you will enjoy working with and creating many beautiful and useful pieces with this quality fiber.

Please note: There is no more of this quality hemp fiber being produced on the planet, that I can find anywhere.  All hemp being grown today is grown for seed, thus it is not harvested for prime fiber. Then it is all being “cottonized” that is, over-retted and turned into short fibres that can be spun on cotton spinning machines. This fills the cunsumer demand for "soft" hemp, which is really "denatured" and without any of the durability qualities that make hemp such a valuable fiber.

Fine Hemp Fiber
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