Dear Everyone,

After 48 years of near daily professional Natural Dyework, I am retiring from the active production (sales and distribution will continue as always). I remain available for Consulting, and I will work with other Artists in a co-creation capacity.

For this reason I am retaining the Naturally Dyed Colours pictures on this website, so you can see some examples of what is possible.

My office hours for free consulting in Natural Dyework are Mon and Fri 1-4 Pacific time.

You may call me at: 503-286-4149.

I am also available for paid consulting to help you set up any size dyeworks you desire, to achieve permanent Naturally Dyed colours on any textile of natural fiber.

My new Dyebook: “Pretty Colors, Modern Natural Dyes Made Easy” will be ready soon.

Meanwhile, the “Brilliant Colours with Natural Dyes” compendium remains available, and includes two colour charts of representative colours, with actual Naturally Dyed colours on Silk sampled.

Happy Dyework,

With Love, Cheryl Kolander, = Aurora Silk

Senior Master Natural Dyer to the World, since 1969