Black Dye Kit

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We are proud to present our new Black Natural Dye Kit. Our new kit makes dying black with Natural Dyes an easy venture with all the dyes you need and easy to follow instructions. The Black Kit comes in three sizes, the Regular, Mini and Maxi (perfect for dyeing cotton T-shirts).

Regular Kit Mini Kit Maxi Kit
1 oz Logwood Extract 1 oz Logwood Extract 4 oz Logwood Extract
1 oz Tannic Acid 1 oz Tannic Acid 4 oz Tannic Acid
1 oz Iron 1 oz Iron 4 oz Iron
1 yard of Eri Peace Silk Use your own fabric. Use your own fabric.
Instructions Instructions Instructions
$24.95 (introductory price) $14.95 (introductory price) $39.95 (introductory price)

Save up to 50% on buying the ingredients separately!

Suitable for any beginning dyer, teens and children with adult supervision.

All mordants we supply and use are from naturally occurring minerals that come from the Earth.  When the fabric biodegrades the minerals will return to the Earth from whence they came. There are no residuals left on the fabric as the minor amount of fixative is locked into the fibre.
For more information please see the article "The Myth of the Bad Mordant."

Black Dye Kit
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Black Dye Kit