Indian Fabric


All the silks in the Indian Fabric Portfolio are Organic, fair-trade, eco-friendly natural peace silk.

The included fabrics are:

The Ahimsa Line
Our Ahimsa peace silks are made from a Bangalore heritage strain of cultivated silk spun from breeder cocoons. It is raised and spun on small family farms in southern India. All purchases support the traditional silk-raising practices of these villages.

Ahimsa Soft Spun​ - a standard plain weave
Ahimsa Lumiere ​ - a lightweight, translucent plain weave
Ahimsa Pearl ​- a lustrous, drapey silk
Ahimsa Flannel​ - a medium weight matte, nubbly noil
Ahimsa Satin​ - a soft pillowy satin
Ahimsa Perfection​ - a heavy, extra wide taffeta

Wild Silk
We carry a variety of tussah and eri silks, semi-cultivated in small villages or gathered in the jungles from the cocoons of wild silkmoths.

Eri White & Wild - ​a crisp white eri silk
Eri Rustique - ​a rustic, durable plain weave suitable for a variety of applications
Tussah Light & Bright - ​a bright and shiny paper-like silk
Mocha - ​a soft, heavy naturally tan tussah silk
Matka ​- a heavy, durable hand-woven tussah silk
Spun Honey - ​a translucent, golden colored tussah silk perfect for nuno felting


While not from India, these peace silks promote traditional, sustainable silk raising practices.

Pongee - ​a crisp, durable champagne colored tussah silk from China
Purity & Mist - ​two reeled lightweight silks from Central Asia, available in soft and drapey (“Purity”) or a stiff, raw organza (“Mist”)

Each fabric comes on its own page detailing fibre source and quality, shrinkage and suggested uses.

Charmeuse 100% Silk Fabric.
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