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This is a very fine, almost transparent, floaty veil silk. This is like the original handwoven classic Sari silk of India. This fabric is woven from an Organically raised, heritage strain of silk.

The raising of silk in Uzbekistan is all done on micro family farms with Mulberry trees up to 400 years old. There is only one hand-tended raising per year, in the spring, making this fabric very special.

The very finest threads used in this fabric are all hand reeled and the fabric is hand woven on traditional foot pedal looms.

This extremely rare silk fabric is the most beautiful for veils, scarves and wrap saris.

Purity is 24" wide and features Organic Silk, certified by Mama D.O.C. Inc.

Fabric Information

  • Fibre content: hand reeled silk filament
  • Source: Uzbekistan
  • Width: 24"
  • Weight per linear yard: 0.4
  • Commonly used for: scarves, veils, sari, wrap style dresses, layered skirts.
  • Weft (width) shrinkage: 0%
  • Warp (length) shrinkage: 0%
  • Recommended care: Hand wash. Hand sew (or no-sew uses).
  • Lightly bleached.
Purity 100% Veil Silk Fabric.
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