Ahimsa™ Sewing

Now Available in Cones!

For the first time ever, a 100% Peace silk thread that is fine enough for even the finest of handsewing. This thread is perfect for sewing machines and when used with Ahimsa™ Peace silk fabric, it will dye flawlessly. This is truly a wonderful find!

Ahimsa™ Sewing thread is excellent for hand sewing and quilting. Weaving weft and warp, and the ultimate of fine laces. Designed and spun especially and exclusively for Aurora Silk. Each bobbin is 216 yards long.

This is a 3/2/210 Metric Count, cable ply, fine silk thread, spun of 100% Ahimsa™ Bombyx mori also known as "mulberry" cultivated silk, from cocoons raised lovingly on small family farms in the southern part of India. Spinning is done in a small mill, locally owned, in India, and the production, which is part of the Ahimsa™ Peace silk project, is overseen by the patent holder, a knowledgeable person who is also an inspector for quality for the Indian government's handmade textile arts shops.

Ahimsa Sewing 100% Silk Thread.
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Ahimsa Sewing 100% Silk Thread.Ahimsa Sewing 100% Silk Thread.