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Chenille means "Caterpillar" in French. This kind of yarn was invented by Philippe de la Salle, royal weaver to Louis the 14th of France in the early 1700's. He used it to weave areas of "velvet" into his elaborate silk Brocades.

This thick and round chenille is very well constructed, with strong 100% silk binder threads. (It will not pull out or fall apart, the way cheaper rayon-bound chenille does.) Incredibly soft and fluffy; very bulky, yet seems to weigh next to nothing. For knits and ultra soft wovens.

Each skein weighs 8 ounces and is approximately 660 yards long.

Chenille 100% Silk Yarn.
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Chenille 100% Silk YarnChenille 100% Silk YarnChenille 100% Silk Yarn