Fine 2-ply


Tussah silk is a wild silk fibre that has all the health properties of cultivated silk, such as very warm for its weight, very breathable, wicks away moisture without feeling clammy or wet, the electrical properties energize the body of the wearer. The big differences between Tussah and cultivated silk is that Tussah is a natural light beige, and that Tussah fibre, being thicker, is also more durable and has a very resilient hand.

Tussah Fine 2-ply is spun of long staple combed fibres, approximately 4” average.  The spinning is very regular and the ply does not obscure the luster of the quality Tussah fibre.  The metric count is 20/2, and there are about 4,500 yards per pound. This is an excellent yarn for machine knitting, fine hand knitting especially lace, crochet and other lace techniques, and of course it is an excellent weaving yarn, especially strong for warp.  It combines nicely with our Fine 2-ply silk thread.

This yarn also combines nicely with our Tussah singles yarn as weft.

Each skein weighs 3.6 ounces and is 1000 yards long; cones are 14.5 ounces net weight.

Tussah Fine 2-ply 100% Silk Yarn.
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Tussah Fine 2-ply 100% Silk YarnTussah Fine 2-ply 100% Silk Yarn